Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018

IAST#230, DC#351 and T*A*D calendar

Caused by an influenza, which made me to stay in bed for a while, I have not been tangling for almost two weeks. So I missed some challenges, could not take part to the Valentangles2018 project by Marguerite Samama and I have some empty pages in my T*A*D calendar...
So you can imagine how happy I was during the last days when I started tangling again. I missed it!

This is my newest T*A*D page. I especially loved the Kitchen Table Tangle by Rick Roberts, explaining the "Wholly Hollibaugh" - technique, which was really fun to draw. I decided to colour the several layers with several shades of gray.

My first tangles related to Valentines day with a page of three heart tangles in red.
Thursday, 15th, is my contribution to Adele Brunos IAST#230 challenge.
She chose the heart tangles SKELTER by Debbie Raaen and FUNSIN by YuRuChen in combination with the ZT original tangle Knightsbridge

While watching the decision of 15km Men`s Biatholon I decided to draw a tile for the DIVA Challenge#351 "Heart of a Champion". 
It`s a black Apprentice tile with the official Pyeongchang Logo.

Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018

DIVA Challenge #348 - Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

This is the third time for me to take part to DIVAs Challenge at the Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day, which is dated January, 24th.

Of course I would not miss this chance to contribute to this challenge and to support Laura with it a little bit.
Here are the links to my posts in 2017 and 2016

This year I drew directly in my Tangle Calendar, at January, 24th:

This is the next completed T*A*D calendar page:
26th and 27th I used for a challenge in a German ZIA facebook group , which is called "Tanglespielerei". The challenge was to create a mixture between Knightsbridge and another grid based tangle. I choose Cubine.

Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

Zentangle weekend in Berlin and DIVA Challenge #347 (News from the T*A*D calendar)

My Zentangle Weekend in Berlin

Last weekend I  spent in Berlin, together with my CZT  friends Sabrina and Anya.
Sabrina invited us to her New Year`s Zentangle Event at friday evening.
Look at Sabrinas post what a cool 3Z Mosaic the18Ladies created and how much fun we had!
This 3Z mosaic we three completed the next day:

We had a lot of quality time together with tangling, walking, eating, joking... It was such a relaxing weekend - thnk you, Ladies!

I asked Anya and Sabrina to draw something in my T*A*D calendar and this is the 3CZT-page- how lovely is that! Anya showed me the beauty of "IBEX" - a official tangle which I have not noticed before.

At the next page I practiced three tangles by Tomas Padros - what a creative Spanish Zentangle-Man!!
When I started to draw his "Chorus" I was a bit distracted and did many mistakes... NO-NO-NO mistakes! Variations!

DIVA Challenge #347

I admit, that I rarely use strings for my Zentangle tiles. Mostly I start drawing and then the tile develops in any unintended direction.
So this week the DIVA Challenge was a real string challenge for me...and a very welcome exercise.
The Diva proposed to use some random objects as stencils for a string.
I decided to draw this challenge into my T*A*D- calendar and to create a whole page of three days.
What a great exercise- I had three days of fun!

the string things!