Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017

DC#325- "Pea-nuckle" and some more tangles

DIVA Challenge #325 has been created by guest blogger Jessica Davies again.

This week she asked us to draw the tangle "Pea-nuckle" from Molly Hollibaugh.
This was a real challenge for me!
Jessica described in her post how she drew this tangle for the first time and how she needed some tries to like it and to love it.
I must admit, that I feel similarly after my first try- not as much satisfied ;-) , but I am still motivated to give Pea- nuckle a new chance .

We have a German Facebook- group of tanglers where we run also a weekly "challenge", which is named something like "weekly playing around with tangles".
This week`s theme is to use the own signature as a string.
I combined this one with DC#235 and drew my SM signature with a bit of Pea- nuckle:

This tile I started some month ago. I prepared it for DC#312 . I used some English Breakfast Tea to create my string. Yesterday I found this tile in my diary and finished it.

Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017

DIVA Challenge#324: Tangeled Heart and a new Zendala tile

This and the next weeks the DIVA spends her holidays.
But no holidays for the DIVA Challenge!! She ordered some guest bloggers withe their beautiful ideas to continue the weekly challenge until the DIVA will be back on her blog.
What a nice idea.

This week Jessica Davies came along with hearts.... (Outside of Valentines season!!)
We should use a heart shape as a string.
And she told us that she loves pink. Oh wow... I love pink as well! Who is following my blog regularly, knows that!
I decided for a simple heart shape and divided it into black/white at the middle line of MySwing.
In the background I drew Emingle.

Finally, the result looks like Yin/Yang. Love is sometimes black and white (more white, of course) and sometimes simply pink!

My second tile on this blogpost is a Zendala tile whih I drew without any intention, without challenge, no calendar, no duty...
I have not drawn on a Renaissance tile for a while and had a nice evenng with it: I used an Original Zendala tile, prestrung, and tangeled Paradox, Crescent moon and Tint.

Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017

DC#323-"Home" and some calendar pages

Last week was Canada Day, the 150th. Congratulations!
This inspired the DIVA to this week`s challenge: HOME. She wrote on her blog :

" And while Canada celebrates this BIG birthday, and my American friends celebrate their independence , think about what YOU love about YOUR home" 

I admit, that I needed some days to answer this question for myself and to find an idea how to bring it on a Zentangle tile.
The idea came totally unexpected, when some collegues from our Headquarter (about 700km away) visited our company and we showed them our city of Dresden on Thusday.
That evening I realized, that I am very proud of my City where I lived my whole life.
There are so many beauties in Dresden to show.... but how to tangle????

Another unexpected situation, same evening: When I went home by tram I saw a city plan with the tram lines and suddenly found my idea:

This is a part of the City Map of Dresden with the river ELBE. I used the river, the bridges and the great streets as strings... and had fun with it!


During the last two weeks I was successful to fill my Zentangle calendar regularly.
 found lots of tangles which are new to me.

Today is the birthday of my loved daughter. I drew the roses for you, my dear Linda!

Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

DC#322- "Trying Aquafleur" and something more

This week the DIVA challenged us to use the original ZT tangle "Aquafleur". This tangle was one of the very first I met at the beginning of my tangling life. I am sure you can imagine that I was not really successful at that time... so I lost it from my focus for a long time. Thank you, Laura Harms, for this motivation to try it again... and what an inspiration!
I decided for a (nearly) monotangle, and hat a beautiful time with it. I added some Printemps in graphite and a Florz background.

This tangle I started after I saw a beautful tangle by Rick Roberts in the Zentangle Mosaic App. He was inspired by Emi during the last CZT seminar in Providence.
I do not know the name of the tangle in the upper right side , but I liked it and tried it with a zipper effect ... all the other tangles , Shattuck, Verve, Tipple.... came along when I came in the flow...

Last but not least I would like to show you what Annette (aka Lonetta) sent me last week.
It is a tangle Mosaic which she created out of my three contribution tiles to her Tangle Mosaic Project #8 . If you follow the link you can find the complete mosaic of all contributions. Awesome!!

Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017

Adele Bruno`s IAST#200 with her new tangle C-Perfs

This week Adele Bruno is celebrating the 200th anniversary of her IAST (It`s a String Thing) Challenge!
It is a weekly challenge and that means, that this challenge has been existing for almost 4 years, with many participants from all over the world every week and with a great success.
I remember #100 and #150 and realize how the time is running.
Zentangle became a very important part in my daily life and I can not imagine to miss it.
Congratulaton, Adele, and a big Thankyou for all the efforts on your "Tickled To Tangle" blog!
For this challenge Adele published her tangle "C-Perfs", a very simple one , with lots of possibilities. Lovely!

This is my contribution to IAST#200, based on Adeles special and beautiful string which she posted here

Here I played a bit with C-Perfs in my calendar:

During the last days I had a little time for my calendar, which has some empty pages in June, unfortunately. Hopefully I can continue it from now on...
I tried some new tangles, I enjoyed it very much!